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"Looking For A Needle In A Haystack"

Posted on Sat Oct 27th, 2018 @ 12:33am by Lieutenant Commander Arianna Sky & Captain Enfield Carta

Mission: Once More Unto The Horizon
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: Current


Arianna was in a pickle with the captain. Now she was looking for answers. Intently staring at the pool table with the skematics trying to see exactly how the waste management system was tampered with. Bringing down her fist hard on the display, "Blasted safteies.....why the hell didn't they catch this. Not many know how to bypass them," she said, scaring the hell out of an engineer standing next to her.

-- Jefferies Tube 26-A, Starboard Nacelle Access

Swapping between her engineering tricorder, a hyper spanner and an eps remote actuator, Ensign Weinmer juggled a number of tools in her hands. Finally her luck had run out and the trio of devices fell to the grated floor of the jeffries tube with a clatter, it echoed throughout the long metal service duct. She was sure that it would be heard all the way back in Engineering. She noticed just as the noise came to an end a rippling effect in the junction box in front of her. The EPS Tap that she had been working on, rippled. Like a pond when you drop a stone in it. She shook her head from side to side, clearly spending 6 hours in various jeffries tubes across the ship was finally taking it's toll on her. She was either hallucinating with tiredness or there was a leak in a fuel line and she had been inhaling exhaust fumes.

Reaching for her tricorder, she continued her scan of the junction box and began to analyse the readings being fed back to her. Her nose crinkled as she process the results. "No, that can't be. This junction should be completely out of action..." she completed some further scans before reaching for her combadge.

"Weinmer, to Engineering. I'm in Jefferies Tube twenty six alpha... your readings show that this whole junction is power down right? There is no power to the warp nacelles currently?" While she awaited a response, she began a deeper scan of the power junction.

"Sky to Weinmer, as for your first question, yes, it shows that it is down. As for the second part, yes the warp nacelles are down as well", she said.

Sky was tired to the point she was seeing double. Looking for what stopped the ship was taking its toll on her. Watching the power board as the impulse drive was rebooting, made her begin to think that looking for this problem was like looking for a needle in the proverbial haystack.

Suddenly the power grid for the impulse engines just flickered, " watch the power feeds. Too much to fast to soon will blow the balance of the impulse drive", she said worried as hell.

"Yes boss", Kelsie said. 'She thinks I am stupid that I don't know what I am doing' he muttered. Watching the power feeds, she practically sneered at Arianna, who had her back to her. For what ever reason she envied Arianna, this time she neither heard or saw what Kelsie was doing.

Finally the impulse drive powered up and Arianna commed, "Bridge this is Cmdr. Sky...impulse drive is avaliable at your descretion, but please go easy on them", she said.

Getting up from the console she walked back to her office hungry and tired. Replicating some food she sat at her desk and started to eat. Halfway through she stopped, "Weinmer, what did you mean...?"

Weinmer shuffled in her cramped position, still wedged in the jeffereies tube, “Yeah, there is some sort of device camouflaged in the junction box here. I think you’ll need to come up and see thi-“ a loud discharge noise broke the comm line and plunged the conversation into silence. Unknown to her comrades back in Main Engineering, Weinmer tripped a protection circuit, resulting in an electrical discharge, leaving her unconscious and badly burnt.

Arianna listened to Weinmer as she spoke, but when she stopped mid word, hearing static, "Weinmer!!", she yelled. Sensing a sudden emotion of pain from Weinmer and then nothing, only made her move faster. Grabbing her tool kit she hurried for the starboard nacelle area where Jefferies tube 26 A was open. Sticking here head into the tube she hollered, "Weinmer.....!" crawling inside, she came up short. "Weinmer, my god! What the hell happened?" Getting no answer she hit her combadge, "Computer, emergency transport two to sickbay", she said. She would come back to this section just as soon as she knew Weinmer was going to be ok.

With the transporter in full effect, the harmonics of from the cycle completing interected with the core of the camofluaged circuit, exposing it's true nature. It's design, typically Klingon, the device was being used to short circuit the EPS Tap, syponing of plasma into a canister attached to an anti-matter ignition unit... A bomb had been planted on the Bismarck.


Lt Cmdr. Arrianna Sky
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Bismark


Ens Weinmer (NPC apb Nixon)
Engineering Officer
USS Bismark


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