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SD241810.20 || Duty Log || "Procedural"

Posted on Sun Oct 21st, 2018 @ 3:32am by Lieutenant Commander Leigh Carson

Mission: Once More Unto The Horizon
Location: Med Lab, Deck 21
Timeline: Immediately after "Investigations"

"First things first," Leigh began, looking over at her eager young associate. "I want you to remote access the security database to make sure the surveillance of this area was functioning. We will need to analyze it later for potential tampering, but for now, let's just make sure we have something." He stared at her for a moment before she nodded to the tricorder at his belt, which was engineered for accessing security- related systems and resources. He opened the device and began tapping in commands.

While he did that, Leigh pulled her own tricorder from her belt and accessed its two-dimensional holographic imaging program. She began taking snapshot images of everything in the lab of interest, especially the pack left on the ground. She didn't touch anything yet--just took pictures.

Once she felt sure that she had a broad spectrum of imagery of the scene for later analysis, and potential comparison, she ran a scan of the bag to make sure there weren't any traps left behind--no incendiary devices or something that would otherwise be hazardous to her, Peterson, and/or the ship as a whole. There was nothing, however, so she felt safe approaching the bag to take a good look through it.

"We have the footage, ma'am," Peterson announced, walking up beside her.

"Have you sent it through the analysis program in the security offices?" she asked without looking away from the item on the ground.

She couldn't actually see him nod, but she just somehow knew that he did so as he said, "Yes, ma'am."

Leigh tilted the bag just a little bit to examine the exterior. "This is pretty standard industrial style material, looks like," she thought aloud. "Nothing that stands out in either style or pattern. It looks like the bag they might give anyone on a Starfleet ship."

"Yes, ma'am," Peterson agreed quickly. "I'm pretty sure I was given one when I left training."

"I wouldn't be surprised," she agreed distantly, nodding to herself as she looked it over. "I don't see much by way of visible signs of wear, though, so I'm guessing it's new or very infrequently used. Nothing on the outside that would provide identification." She now pulled the bag closer, opening it carefully. Even though the scan hadn't shown anything dangerous, that was no reason to be reckless, was it?

She looked through the items just as carefully, but there wasn't much there and nothing that looked very suggestive of...well, anything. There wasn't much in there.

Peterson made a small noncommittal grunt before saying, "It kind of us just looks like the junk could be in any bag."

"I would have to agree," she said, moving another item to the side to look at the bottom of the bag.

"What, ma'am," Peterson said suddenly, pointing while trying very clearly to not touch anything else. "Is that blood?"

Leigh's dark brows knit slightly and she peered closer, then she nodded and gave him a faint smile of approval. "Good catch," she said. "I think it is." She reached back to her belt to pull out an evidence container, which she carefully placed the small PADD stylus into. She had to wonder what one did to get blood on that, but, well, that was for another time. "Crewman, take this bag down to the security offices where we can conduct a more thorough look. I'm taking this sample to medical."

Pausing, she looked around the medical bay she stood in. "You know, a medical lab that isn't a crime scene."

=/\= End Log =/\=

Lieutenant Commander Leigh Carson, Chief of Security


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