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SD 241811.03 [[Mission Log]] "Home is the Sailor"

Posted on Sun Nov 4th, 2018 @ 1:36am by Commander Robert Schoening

Mission: Once More Unto The Horizon
Location: Runabout Houston/USS Bismarck
Timeline: Current


The runabout was on autopilot, coordinates set for a meeting with the USS Bismarck. He had served aboard a galaxy-class before but this time would be different. This time he would be the Executive Officer. There had been several ships to carry that name, stretching all the way back to the battleship Bismarck, commissioned into the German navy in 1940 during World War 2. There was quite a bit of size difference between the two, though, he thought. The original was 241.6 meters long and weighed in at 41,700 metric tons. The Bismarck he was headed for was more than three times that long and it would take more than a hundred of the battleships to equal her weight.

He had been traveling for some time now and, figuring it best to start becoming familiar with his new crew, he had begun going through the crew’s personnel files. He had known Carta from his Academy days so he had not felt it necessary to go through his file. As for the man he was replacing – Tom Oliver – there wasn’t much about him in his file other than the basic stuff – a brief description, his recent postings and the like – but what was there was positive. The admiral had not told him why Oliver was being replaced and, figuring it was on a need-to-know basis, he had not asked.

He continued to peruse the files, finding that all the department heads appeared to be good, solid officers with no deficiencies. One that he found to be especially interesting however, was Commander Leigh Carson, the head of the security department. She was born on Relec Prime and it was there that, because of things in her family’s history, she became interested, and later joined, law enforcement. If her file was correct, she had joined Starfleet at age 24. Even though this was a bit late for the average cadet, she excelled at the Academy, majoring in Security.

He had just been about to read further into her file when the runabout’s computer had informed him that there was an incoming call for him from the Bismarck.

=/\= Starfleet runabout Houston. You are cleared for approach and landing in bay one...=/\= they called.

=/\= Roger that, Bismarck. Houston out. =/\=

And with that, he had arrived at his new posting – and his new home.


Commander Robert Schoening
Executive Officer
USS Bismarck


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