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SD241811.22 || Duty Log || "Game On"

Posted on Thu Nov 22nd, 2018 @ 4:53pm by Lieutenant Commander Leigh Carson

Mission: Once More Unto The Horizon

When Leigh walked into sickbay, she found the CMO sitting at the console with a disconcerted expression.

This meant that Leigh was immediately disconcerted, given that one never wanted to see that look on the face of the ship's primary doctor. It usually meant something bad, and when it was bad to a doctor...well, it was bad for everyone. Whatever edge the drinks had given the chief of security wore off fast as she moved to the desk and stood beside Doctor Kendrick. Leigh immediately recognized it as the console where she'd left the sample to be analyzed...and that realization concerned her more.

"What's wrong?" she asked by way of greeting. After all, there was no reason to waste time on pointless pleasantries. This was obviously a duty call.

"There's something wrong with the results, or perhaps the test...or the sample itself," Kendrick replied immediately, obviously feeling the same way about the pleasantries. "I haven't yet figured out which, but I wanted you to know immediately."

"What do you mean there's something wrong?" Leigh frowned. Her realization was instantly proven accurate. Damn.

The doctor frowned and looked back to the console, scrolling through a long stream of coded results. She pointed to several. It seemed to be some obscure medical language that Leigh was not privy to while Kendrick was fluent. "These sections don't make sense. There's some level of corruption somewhere in the process."

Leigh thought this over, and her trepidation about the crewman running the test returned to her and grew. "Could it have been tampered with?"

Kendrick frowned. "It could have been, but... All of my staff are Starfleet crew, trained and vetted. Who would do such a thing?" Her eyes drifted thoughtfully. "Maybe there was an error..." she mused aloud.

"Where is the crewman who was running the test?" Leigh interrupted.

"Oh." Kendrick blinked and looked around. "You know, I'm not sure. I came by and saw the issue on the screen..."

Leigh blew out a breath. "Computer, please locate Crewman--" She paused, unable to remember his name.



There was a long moment as the computer worked. "Unable to locate Crewman T'Kanek."

The two officers exchanged a look.

Leigh moved to a different console and pulled up the personnel file on...

"There is no Crewman T'Kanek."

=/\= End Log =/\=


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