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SD251811.28 | PLOT LOG | "Klingon's off the Starboard bow... and the port"

Posted on Wed Nov 28th, 2018 @ 1:42pm by Captain Enfield Carta

Mission: Once More Unto The Horizon
Timeline: Current

The events onboard the USS Bismarck could not have been predicted, a freshly refitted starship fresh out of dry dock, should not by all known ‘rules’ have been stranded in space, unable to obtain warp speed. What had an initial appeared to be nothing more than an unfortunate series of system failures had slowly been untwined to show a narrative that stunk of sabotage and deceit.

The realisation of a device hidden in a jefferies tube leading to a nacelle, which when investigated by a young engineer had been discovered to include a bomb as a failsafe had all but confirmed the hypothesis. The Security department, led by the formidable Commander Carson had managed to disable the explosive device before it could cause any serious damage to the infrastructure of the ship and following a series of clues, they where now hot on the heels of the suspect.

On the Bridge, Captain Carta, Commander Schoening and the rest of the Duty Bridge Officers stood watch over Alpha Duty Shift. The ship hanging in space, the two sensor echo’s the ship had been tracking moving closer and closer, before disappearing from the sensors for a few moments.

Unannounced, two Klingon Bird of Preys, old style D7 class ships dropped out of a short warp jump, each vessel flanking the Bismarck at close quarters. The starboard vessel, immediately released a small escape pod size projectile, aimed at the Galaxy Class starship’s neck, that connected the primary and secondary hulls. The object, slipping passed the shields before they could be fully raised, penetrated the ships hull, unleashing a two man klingon boarding party into the ships internal space.

The red alert klaxon’s immediately sounded in response to the unwelcomed intruders and the ships crew hurried to their primary duty positions.

“What the hell just happened?” Captain Carta stood from the central chair in the middle of the ships command centre, stepping forward towards the operations and flight control consoles but turning to the Tactical Officer. “Shields Lieutenant?

Carta pointed to the newly minted Executive Officer, “Mr Schoening, launch the alert fighters, defensive manoeuvres only. Helm, engine status? Do whatever you can to get us out of this flanking arrangements. Operations, Hail the lead Klingon ship…”

“Aye, Sir,” the Operations officers fingers danced over his console, “Sir, our communications are being blocked.”

Plot Log
Captain En Carta
USS Bismarck


Short plot log to get us moving.

Actions - Security: Hunt for our new Klingon Boarders. Flight: The projectile in our hull is going cause you some issues trying to get us moving. Tactical: Work with Fighters to identify potential targets. Medical: I think you're already on this with confirming test results. Engineering: Working with Tactical to remove the projectile from our neck and get us some way of moving.

I'll talk to each in PM to discuss specific points.


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