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SD241811.29 || Joint Log || "Kickin' the Tires"

Posted on Fri Nov 30th, 2018 @ 2:50am by Lieutenant Commander Leigh Carson & Commander Robert Schoening & Commander Harold Lawson

Mission: Once More Unto The Horizon
Location: Various locations
Timeline: Current

Mr Schoening, launch the alert fighters, defensive manoeuvres only."

When the call came, Bob had been sitting in the XO's chair Up until a minute ago everything had been smooth. But then company had arrived in the form of 2 Klingon battle cruisers. They were old - D7s as a matter of fact - but they were still considered to be formidable opponents. And now there were two of them, one off each bow, port and starboard. Then there had been an impact...

"They've been on hot standby for the past two hours, Skipper..." Bob said. "So they should be launching almost immediately." Schoening quickly tapped his combadge. "Schoening to Commander Lawson. Scramble all available fighters. I say again - scramble all available fighters. Defensive position only."

"Understood," Lawson answered, then called his Squadron leaders. "Alpha and Bravo Squadron leaders, scramble your squadrons - defensive position only."

"Beta squad is ready to launch," came the call back from Lieutenant Katrin "Cobra" Muller, the Beta Squadron leader.

Making a few clicking noises with her tongue against her teeth, Lieutenant Julietta "Princess" Hampton did one more check on her systems before giving a nod that she was the only one to witness--and not even that, since she couldn't see her own head. "Alpha Squadron is ready to launch. Give the word, sir, and we're in the air." After sitting on hot standby for what felt like forever, she and her pilots were more than eager to have something to do.

Lawson immediately left his office and headed for the fighter bay to pass on some last-minute instructions to the squadron leaders. When he arrived, he wasted no time in finding them. "Once you launch, I want you to form a shield between Bismarck and the Klingon ships. Keep your weapons armed and ready but do NOT attack them unless they fire on you or the Bismarck first. Any questions?"

"No questions," Muller said, anxious to get aboard her fighter.

"No questions, Commander," Princess replied instantly.

"In that case, kick the tires, light the fires and get 'em out there," he said as he turned to walk away.

"Okay ladies and gents," Cobra said to her squadron. "You heard the man. Let's go." And with that, they began to move toward the ship's catapult system that would launch them into space.

The flight deck doors were wide enough to permit two launching ships at a time from the two catapults running along the length of the deck. Each bird taxied itself onto the system with finely-tuned precision, so that no pair of ships was out in the black without another pair coming shortly behind them. The quicker all twenty-four were in the air, the better. Alpha and Bravo Squadrons moved onto their designated lines and were rapidly flung out into space.

"Bravo, line up to shield in front of the port-side vessel. Alpha will take starboard."

'You got it Princess..." Cobra responded as her squadron formed up and began to move into place. Then she heard a call over the comm from Bravo Six. "Goddamn, would you look at that. D7 battle cruisers! Must be at least 70 years old. Man they must be scrapin' the bottom of th' fuckin' barrel to come up with those!" Then from Bravo Ten came another voice. "I don't give a damn where they came from. Just gimme a shot at 'em! I'll kick their asses all the way to..."

'Alright you two rookies - PIPE DOWN!" Cobra snapped. "These two bastards may be old but they can still pack a punch. The first time you find yourself on the wrong end of a disruptor blast from their cannon, you'll be yellin' and wishin' you were still hidin' behind your mother's skirts! So shut up, arm your weapons, keep your eyes skinned and your heads on a swivel and you just MIGHT live to get home." Her irritation had made her Germanic accent, always in evidence, even more pronounced.

This little go-round was heard by both squadrons, and it brought a characteristic smirk to Princess's face. "Keep your shit together, folks, and keep focused. We need pilots, not children."

Cobra shook her head. Had she ever been that young? She knew, of course, that she had - but that had been a long time ago and she had learned to keep her mouth shut and her eyes and ears open. Hopefully in time they would learn as well. Then, to everyone she said "It seems quiet right now but that could change at any time."

=/\= End Log =/\=

Commander Robert Schoening, Commander Harold Lawson (apb Jim), Lieutenant Katrin 'Cobra' Muller (apb Jim) & Lieutenant Julietta "Princess" Hampton (apb Bella)


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