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"Ripped and Wounded"

Posted on Fri Dec 7th, 2018 @ 1:00am by Lieutenant Commander Arianna Sky

Mission: Once More Unto The Horizon
Location: Main Engineering/Deck 17 Stardrive Section
Timeline: SD 241811.10

OOC: In all fairness to Nixon and the crew, I am going to be redoing my last post. It will be deleted and this in its place. It just doesn't jive with the mission, sorry people.


Arianna was still tired from the explosion of the Jefferies tube incident. She had not had the time to really eat a good meal, so, she plopped herself infront the replicator and stuffed her face. The food was really good even though it was replicated, she was hungary and it tasted good. Finishing, she put the dishes into the replicator and commed her second in command that she was going to sleep for a few hours. What she needed was some sleep and she closed the door to her office. Laying down on the small cot there, she was soon fast asleep.

What she could only guess was about an hours sleep, she was rocked from the cot, landing on the deck. Ens. Cory banging on the doors of her office, she picked herself from the deck, looked at him, then realizing that something had impacted the ship, "Jumping geez..." Red alert klaxons were singing as she opened the door, "Cory..what the hell..."

"Boss...boss...we...god almighty...she...I mean...the ship", he stammered, "she ...WE GOT HIT!", finally finishing what he started to say. Cory had a sick look on his face as he told Arianna, "Whoa Cory...slow down and relax. What the hell did we hit", she asked.

Calming a bit, "Sorry boss but we didn't hit anything! It hit US!", he said. It was no wonder Cory looked sick in the face. He was just as possessive of the Bismark as she was and it did show. By now Cory was almost in tears as he tried to tell her where the ship had been nailed. Taking his shoulders in her hands, she looked him in the face, "Son, let's have a look on the main display to see where we got hurt", she said calmly.

However inside, she was bristling with anger. How had this happen, how the hell did it get by the sensors, and what it was. Arriving at the pool table, In unison, both said, "Holy Shit!!!" The ships schematics display on the far wall, showed exactly where her lady was hurt. The breach was in the Stardrive section, Deck 17, crew quarters. Fortunately the emergency force fields snapped in place, preventing the atmosphere from escaping further. However, one of the quarters was completely, for all intenses and purposes, was obliterated.

With a hole this size, extending into both the primary and secondary hulls, engaging either of the engines, could be disasterous. Double checking with Cory, both surmised that the use of either work bees and work pods would be their best bet until it was known that it was an attack. With that knowledge, and the fact that Damage control teams were already on their way to deck 17, both Arianna and Cory had to attack this a different way.

Pouring over the schematics of the Galaxy class, they came to a conclusion. Repairing the Primary hull could only be done by moving through the crawl space between
the two hulls. Once the Primmary hull was repaired the secondary could be done. Arianna knew that the crawl space would be extremely cramped because they would have to wear enviromental suits, it was the only way to do it correctly and completely. Once the hulls were repaired, the ship could engage her engines.

What neither of them knew at this time, was that it was a pod that carried two intruders and that they were loose on the ship.


Lt. Cmdr. Ariamna Sky
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Bismark

Ens. Cory James (NPC Lynda)
Assistant Chief of Engineering Officer
USS Bismark


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