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SD241809.23 / Joint Duty Log CO, XO and CEO / 'Deadstop'

Posted on Thu Sep 27th, 2018 @ 12:43pm by Captain Enfield Carta & Commander Thomas "Tom" Oliver & Lieutenant Commander Arianna Sky

Mission: Once More Unto The Horizon
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: Current



Main Engineering was a buzz of activity, with engineers of all grades running from console to console, across the open workspace they discussed loudly with each other any number of reasons for the Bismarck to suddenly drop of light speed and to a dead stop. The Commanding and Executive Officer had arrived by an express turbolift ride, turning the corner from the external corridor, they approach the 'pool table' in the middle of the Engineering Section in unison. Enfield took a glance at the Master System Display monitor on his way passed and noticed that the warp core in the distance, was very much inert.

The Captain and Commander waited patiently for the hustle of the engineers to die down, and for anyone of the dozens of engineers working in the space to acknowledge their existence.

After standing there for a few minutes Oliver sighed and reach out, snagging an engineer, "we need the chief, Ensign," he said simply to the surprised, young officer who pointed over to the CEO office.

Arianna was fit to be tied! What was a seemingly an uneventful trip from the station had just turned into a Chief Engineers nightmare, no warp drive! Deep into the sensor logs and power logs of the warp core and engine manifolds, "Feklar! What in the name of Kahless is going on!", she barked at her work station. Seeing the feet of one man, " What do you want?", she growled, without looking up.

"Lieutenant Commander!" Carta bellowed at the top of his lungs, " Why the hell is my ship, fresh out of space dock, dead in the water!" His face was rosy with frustration.

Arianna was not used to hearing herself by her rank being bellowed so it only angered her more. Coming from her office into main engineering, "Who in the name of Kahless just ca..., Oh Captain it is you. My apologies sir", she said, her tone of voice softening just a bit. "That is the 64 thousand dollar question at the moment. I am going over the engine sensor for the core itself and the warp plasma manifolds in the nacelles. So far as I see, there is nothing out of the ordinary. I also have begun to look at the security protocols and safeties to see if they were tampered with. I swear by the name of Kahless, if someone tampered with my engines in any way...", she left the sentence dangling.

"You're suggesting sabotage Lieutenant?" Carta glanced over to the Executive Officer. "Number One, I'd like to you to work with the Chief of Security. I want to know who slipped through the net!" He turned back to the Chief Engineer. "How long until you know exactly what happened Chief?"

Arianna frowned, "Net????", she said. "Sir there is no way that this was a mechanical failure unless some one or something made it happen. New starships don't just screw up right out of the starting gate, to use an old earth phrase. It just isn't possible and I have checked this ship out myself before we left!", sounding frustrated.

Oliver just nodded, "aye, sir," he replied simply then looked at the warp core in thought, "you know, if I were going to pull a job like this I'd use a non-related, low priority system like wast management to gain access.....there's a few ways to do something like cause a power surge or gain access to the warp core programming," he offered as he looked back and looked between the two officers, "I'm not an engineer and for sure not trying to step on toes, just offering."

"Sure there is, but if there was a surge in even a low priority non related system, it would trigger or trip the safeties. Now if someone bypassed the safeties, then I would holler sabotage. However, I will have my people go through the systems safeties and see what turns up", she said, shaking her head.

Carta growled in his response, his internal fury growing. How was he ever going to explain to the Admirality that on it's maiden voyage the Bismarck was dead in the water. "I'll need to inform Captain Wilkinson that we will be late for our meet up." He turned on his heels almost immediately after finishing the sentence, retracing his steps back towards the turbolift, barking back over his shoulder towards the Main Engineering section, "Get my ship moving again, Lieutenant Commander."

The XO quirked an eyebrow feeling like this had been a game of good cop/bad cop, "keep me updated with what you find, I'll check security logs and see if I can narrow down anywhere to look," he said with a nod to the engineering chief, honestly hoping it was mechanical failiure and not what he was thinking, then turned and headed for another 'lift to head for security.

Arianna headed back to the large console on the wall and began her search to see if she could find an answer.


Captain Enfield Carta
CO, Bismarck

Commander Thomas Oliver
XO, USS Bismark

Lt. Cmdr. Arianna Sky
CEO, USS Bismark


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