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SD241809.26 | XO, CSec & Medical Crewman (apb CO) | 'Tripping the Alarm'

Posted on Thu Oct 11th, 2018 @ 7:51pm by Captain Enfield Carta & Commander Thomas "Tom" Oliver & Lieutenant Commander Leigh Carson & Crewman Luke Peterson

Mission: Once More Unto The Horizon

=/\= Deck 21, Section 5 Baker =/\=

Success he thought to himself, he rubbed the tip of his faux Vulcan ears with glee. He had successfully managed to hack into one of the ships auxiliary systems, manipulaing the ships nacelles to cause a complete warp stall. No mean feet given that he had to be careful not trip any alarms. The young man, camouflaged as a Starfleet medical technician had slipped in and out of the jeferries tube network undetected. He continued down the long corridor back to a minor science lab on Deck 21, where he would return to the mundane tasks associated with his cover role. If he was as good as his handlers told him he was, he'd likely go undetected and could remain on ship and continue to gather information for his superiors.

He blended in perfectly, just like any other crew member. To reduce his level of conspicuousness he walked with his head down reading a PADD. Not fully aware of his path, he parted the middle of a couple of officers coming towards him. Clipping the Chief of Security's elbow. "My apologies, Sir." he muttered, continuing to read the PADD in his hands without breaking his stride.

Leigh had a bad feeling about this.

"Personally, I really don't want to call engineering," CPO Hardy said plainly as he walked alongside the chief of security. Despite her being quite a bit shorter, he was the one having to hurry to keep up with her. "The chief engineer is gonna be pissed, and I don't think I want to get my head taken off. I've gotten pretty used to it being right where it is, you know?"

"Chicken," she replied, without too much rancor. "Dropping out of warp like that is unusual, and this ship would have been checked over thoroughly before we left. I'm betting something is going on and anything aside from mechanical failure or pilot error is going to fall on us. I need to talk to command and to engineering, which the computer tells me are not far from each other." The pair continued walking through the hall, on a direct route to main engineering without knowing that the first officer was on a direct route towards them...

Oliver turned the corner just in time to hear the exchange, "I'd take phasers with you, the Chief is right on the money, Commander," he said with a chuckle and came to a stop in front of the two security officers.

Leigh offered a polite smile and nod. "I'm sure we can manage, Commander," she said easily. "We were just coming to find you and see if you know what's going on around here yet. Or, more precisely, if this is something my department will need in on."

"Nothing yet, however," Tom started then nodded to the second part of the security chiefs statement, "we would like you in on it. I'd like to look at subsystem access logs with you and see if there was anything hanky when we dropped from warp. The engineering section doesn't think it was mechanical, though there still is that possibility," he explained, "I just want to eliminate any other possibility."

"Certainly," Leigh agreed easily. "We can head back and do that now." Then she paused, turning to Hardy with a grin. "Guess who's going to speak to engineering."

The CPO's expression darkened. "I'm going to the armory first." And with that, he walked off.

The Chief of Security stifled a laugh as she looked back at the first officer. "Shall we return to my office, Commander, so I can pull up the access logs and we can review them? We can also the ship's internal surveillance, although it will likely have been altered as well, if someone could make this happen without obvious tracks."

Oliver chuckled, "good luck, Chief," he called to Hardy before looking back to Leigh, "aye, however, still worth a look, we'll have Hardy ask for engineerings back up logs...if he survives," Oliver added jokingly.

Leigh smirked a little. "Time will tell," she said easily as she turned and started walking back toward her office, the XO alongside her. "So, we really don't know anything? Has there been any other damage that we've seen? Or troubles? Or is it just us dropping out of warp?"

"So far it looks like just a random failure, but," Oliver started and looked over, "when something seems random how often does it end up being that way," he more stated than asked, "sorry, to many years in security may have made me just a little suspicious of so called accidents," he said, holding up his thumb and forefinger close together with a smirk.

"Some might say it's a coincidence, but what should we say about coincidence?" Leigh said, the smirk still there as she thought back to her years of policework prior to joining Starfleet. "The universe is rarely so lazy."

Oliver just nodded, "aye," he replied with a chuckle, all the times he'd said the universe heard him.

Before Leigh had a chance to reply, both of their comm badges chirped with an alert from the computer.

=/\= There has been an unauthorized signal from the medical lab. Security to the medical lab. Security to the medical lab. =/\=

She stopped in her tracks, arched a brow, and looked at the XO. "Medical lab then?"

Tom just nodded, already turning and hurrying down the corridor.

With that, she changed directions and hurried toward the lab...

Upon arrival they where met by Crewman Luke Preston, a fresh graduate of the Technical Academy Campus on Starbase Horizon. The fresh faced crewman frowned as his two superior officers joined him. He snapped attention, "Sirs. I've just arrived, but the lab appears to be sealed. I can't override the lockout, it won't accept my authorisation code." He pushed the control panel in frustration.

-- To Be Continued

Cmdr Thomas Oliver
Executive Officer


LtCmdr Leigh Carson
Chief Security Officer


Crewman T'Kanek
Medical Technician
apb Nixon

also starring

Crewman Luke Preston
Security Officer
apb Nixon


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