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SD241809.30 | Duty Log | CO

Posted on Sun Sep 30th, 2018 @ 2:02pm by Captain Enfield Carta & Admiral Abraham Vice

Mission: Once More Unto The Horizon
Location: Ready Room

The Bismarck was still at a standstill. It had been sometime since the ship had dropped out of warp without warning. Investigations by the security and engineering teams where ongoing, but it was looking more and more like foul play, than basic malfunction.

Enfield after 'speaking' with engineering had dispatched the Executive Officer to work with the Chief Security officer in discovering what was going on. Meanwhile he had returned to his office to get in touch with the USS Endurance to inform them off their delay. Ultimately, the Endurance could only wait a few additional hours before they would have to consider completing their initial tests without the Bismarck present. Jake, the Endurance's CO and longtime friend of Enfield's, had been pretty understanding. He wasn't too sure how the brass back at command would handle the news.

"Computer, open a commlink to Admiral Vice, Starbase Horizon." the computer chirped as it worked on the request, eventually the Starfleet seal on his display replaced by the face of Admiral Vice.

"Captain Carta, I hear you have a problem. Report." he greeted the Captain with a stern tone and a stoic expression. The senior Admiral had clearly spent too much time on Vulcan. He sat motionless in his chair awaiting for a response. The one thing that struck Carta was that regardless of your grade or your experience, it was never nice to be reporting bad news to your superior and you where always anxious of the dressing down you might receive.

"Yes, Admiral." Carta responded quickly. "As you are now aware, the Bismarck dropped out of warp unexpectedly. I've conversed with the Chief Engineer and she informs me that this most certainly not an issue with the engines themselves. She suspects foul play."

The Admiral did nothing but nod as Carta spoke, so he continued to brief the Admiral, "My Executive and Chief Security Officers are now investigating that possibility. I am unaware of how anyone could of gotten onboard without tripping an alarm. But once I have more information, I will of course update you."

"No, neither are we. Brand new engines, En. Shouldn't be an issue with them. Obviously, your meet up with the Endurance, is now delayed. We'll reroute another vessel to catch up with them incase you're delayed any longer." The Admiral responded to news. "Keep me uptodate Captain. Get out and push if you have too. Vice out."

With that, the screen went back to the Starfleet Emblem, and Enfield sunk back into his chair a little, the cogs in his brain running at full speed to process everything that was happening. With his right arm, he pawed around the table without looking for his coffee mug.

"We need to get moving again." he tapped his combadge, "Carta to Engineering. Any progress on getting the ship moving again?"


Captain Enfield Carta,
CO, Bismarck.


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