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SD241809.30 | Joint Duty Log | CO & CEO | "Get out and push?"

Posted on Thu Oct 11th, 2018 @ 7:28pm by Captain Enfield Carta & Lieutenant Commander Arianna Sky

Mission: Once More Unto The Horizon
Location: Between Ready Room and Main Engineering

"Carta to Engineering. Any progress on getting the ship moving again?" he waited patiently for a reply from the Engineering section. He tapped on the terminal built into his desk, changing his audio commlink to a visual commlink, allowing for whoever received his hail to answer face-to-face. His dropping for a cup of coffee had been a success, but the coffee had gone from pipping hot, to luke warm, causing his face to contort in displeasure at the taste.

Arianna was head long into a diagmostic of the secondary plasma grid for the auxiliary waste control when she heard the captain. Opening up the computer screen, she saw the captain. "Sky here sir and I believe I may have found it. Someone bypassed the safeties on the sensors so they would not be tripped when they were redirected through the waste management control system and they got to the warp nacelles and stalled them. How we didn't see this earlier, I have no idea. The system safeties are supposed to prevent this kind of tampering. It was a pretty sophisticated way to go around the primary system and use the auxiliary waste management system. A little used system, set to send a signal to the warp nacelles to just stall making us drop from warp. Problem is how has it affected the impulse drive as well. We should have impulse drive but....this is not a mechanical failure sir. This is sabotage pure and simple", she said. Her face showed her concern and exhaustion as well.

Enfield, perched behind his desk, leaning forward into the monitor. He scowled, How was it possible that someone could break through our multilevel security system like this? . He scratched at the base of his neck with a ragged nail leaving a slightly red line. "Sabotage, eh? Let's keep this on the down-low, Commander. I want you to work with the Chief Security and Ex-Oh to track our saboteur. They can't possibly have done this without leaving any evidence behind."

"I agree, and I will have a meeting with the Chief Security and XO to see just where he breached the security protocols and the safeties as well. There is some type of residual evidence left behind", she said.

Carta stood from behind his desk, the video feed automatically tracking him as he moved, ensuring that the Chief Engineer would not loose site of him on her monitor. "Reboot the Impulse Engines, let's get moving... even it's a crawl." Reaching for his combadge, he tapped it, "Carta, to Conn. Engineering has got the Impulse Engines back online, resume course when ready, best possible speed."

Looking at the captain, Arianna was already on her combadge instructing engineering to reboot the impulse drive carefully. She didn't want a burn out of the main circuitry.

The comm signal between the two ended abruptly as the Captain exited the ready room and onto the bridge. He tapped the shoulder of the Conn officer, who was sitting on the left hand side of the bridge, instead of the usual right. “Take it easy, let’s not burn them out and have to get out and push.”

Carta turned on his heels walking back towards the centre chair, noticing the new Duty Tactical Officer taking his station. He reminded himself that he needed to make time to get to know all of the new faces onboard.


Captain Enfield Carta
CO, USS Bismarck


LtCmdr Arianna Sky
CEO, USS Bismarck


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