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SD 241901.11 [[Joint Personal Log]]"Welcome Home, Mr. & Mrs. Manelli"

Posted on Fri Jan 11th, 2019 @ 9:49pm by Lieutenant Commander Anthony Manelli & Lieutenant Commander Mirabella Basso
Edited on on Fri Jan 11th, 2019 @ 9:50pm

Mission: Once More Unto The Horizon
Location: Various/Tony & Mira's Quarters
Timeline: Current

=/\= Begin Log =/\=

It had been almost a week since they had left Kincardine Station. They had originally been scheduled for passage to Starbase Horizon aboard a Starfleet transport but somehow Mira had managed to secure a runabout for the two of them instead. So, instead of being trapped in a transport with who knew how many others, it had been just the two of them. Sort of a mini-honeymoon for them, although he supposed they had already had a pre-marriage honeymoon in the week they had spent on Sal’kiir. And what a week it had been.

But now they were on their way to their new posting. Before they’d left Kincardine, he had been able to ascertain that their new assignment was the USS Bismarck, a Galaxy-class cruiser that had been refitted and re-commissioned after some time in mothballs. It promised to be an interesting assignment, but he had to admit that he would miss the Artemis. She held some good memories – after all, it had been there that he had met Mira.

They had been in transit to Starbase Horizon for six days and, with the runabout on autopilot, most would have found the trip to be boring, but they had found ways to amuse themselves and occupy their time. But now they were approaching their destination and Mira was hand-flying the runabout while he watched her from the co-pilot’s seat.

"ETA to Starbase Horizon in twenty minutes," Mira announced, flashing a sidelong smile at Tony...her husband. It had been just over a week with that title, but somehow, this all still felt like...some sort of side reality. "I've already been in contact with their flight ops and things are quiet around base. It should be smooth sailing into the station and then from there, right onto the Bismarck. They're waiting on us."

"It's going to be interesting I'm thinking. "The Bismarck is a lot bigger than the Artemis was and I"m thinking that sometimes bigger isn't always better. But there is one thing," He added with a grin. "At least we'll have bigger quarters."

That drew an easy laugh from her. "You're not going to hear my complain about that. I've never been stationed on a Galaxy, but I hear that they're pretty sweet. Nice big rooms, like, more than one room at a time for officers and such. Sounds like a vacation all its own!"

"I was on a Galaxy-class about twelve years ago," Tony said. "The Edmund Fitzgerald. This was back before I got into fighters. I was flying shuttles then so I wasn't quartered with the fighter pilots. I had to room with another shuttle pilot and our quarters were actually pretty nice. I would think that the quarters for senior officers would be a lot better - especially for married ones."

"Mm, indeed. I'm looking forward to seeing them," she said, still feeling a touch of warmth fill her when referring to their being married. "Which shouldn't be too much longer."

* * *

Sure enough it didn't take long until they were in the starbase shuttle bay. After Mira had shut the runabout down and secured it, they grabbed their bags and headed into the base itself. They checked in with security, got their clearances along with directions to where the Bismarck was berthed, and headed off in that direction. Once aboard, it was a simple matter to get their quarters assignment from the OPS department. Tony showed the PADD he had been given to Mira, saying "Our quarters are on deck 9, Gamma sector, suite 24." He then did a double-take as he realized what he had just said. "A suite? Looks like they do treat the married couples well here."

"I'm not going to complain," she said with a grin, hiking her bag up on her shoulder. "You mean they don't stuff the fighter pilots down in steerage?"

"Evidently not," he answered with a grin. He looked around as they made their way towards the quarters they had been assigned. The Galaxy was an older class, but from what he could see, this one had been considerably upgraded when it had been recalled to service. In fact, the Bismarck seemed almost new and if it had not been for the damage from her last mission that they had heard about, he would have thought that she was right out of the builder's yard.

It didn't take them long to reach deck 9 and Tony read off the quarters numbers as they walked along the corridor. "Nine Gamma 22...Gamma 23...ah, here it is - Gamma 24," he said as they reached the door to their new quarters. As they'd had separate quarters on the Artemis before being married, this would be their first home together. He entered the access code they had been given, then tossed his bag just inside the door before turning to Mira and sweeping her up into his arms.

She let out a surprised laugh, but wrapped her arms appropriately around his shoulders and leaned into him. Mirabella was not a woman used to men carrying her around, but her body instinctively moved into the motion as she smiled.

Tony stepped inside the door to their quarters with Mira still in his arms. Then, before standing her down he kissed her and said "Welcome home my love."

Mira flashed him another smile. "Welcome home," she said, almost amazed at her own sincerity. They had only just arrived, but it already felt like home...because he was here with her. "So. How long do we have before we have to report in?"

"It's 1630 now so I'm guessing the CAG is out of his office for the day so I think we have until tomorrow morning. In the meantime, let's check out our new quarters." He looked around until he spotted several cases emblazoned with the Starfleet logo on them stacked in a corner of the living area. "It appears that our stuff from the Artemis got here before we did," he said, indicating the stack of crates. "I wonder if our stashes of alcohol got sent as well - or if they were confiscated?"

"Even Starfleet knows better than to confiscate a pilot's liquor stash," Mira said easily, moving to the stack and unlocking one. She pulled off the top and then took out a bottle, holding it up for display. "Well, I know at least that my booze got here alright." She grinned.

Tony began rummaging through some of the other crates. "Clothes...clothes...clothes.." he muttered as he dug through each one. Then finally - paydirt! "There it is," he said as he retrieved one of the two bottles of Jack Daniels he'd had. Then, almost frantically, he resumed digging for the other bottle until he remembered that they had drank it all the first night they had spent together on the Artemis. Everything else was there so all was well. "Mine's here as well so all is good." Then, he pulled a bottle of Saurian Brandy out of the crate. "Maybe we should have a drink to celebrate our new life together."

She laughed warmly, walking over to the sofa and pulling off her boots. "You know I'll never say no to a drink...or three."

Bottle in hand, Tony followed her. He handed the bottle to her, then pulled off his boots as well before settling himself onto the sofa with her. "Isn't this where we started?" he asked with a grin. "You and I on a sofa with a bottle between us?" It hadn't been all that long ago, but it had been the beginning of something wonderful. A month or so ago, the only thought he had about a woman would have been where would he find the next one. Now, his only thought was of the woman who sat beside him - the love of his life.

"Which means that it's a fantastic idea now," she said easily, winking before taking a swig from the bottle and passing it back. In true fighter pilot style.

"A CAG on a previous ship once told me that there was only one thing worse than a pilot who drank - and that was one who didn't," he said as he raised the bottle to her. "So here's to us." He took a long drink before passing the bottle back to her. Then, indicating their new quarters, he asked "So what do you think?"

Mira took another drink and expansive look around. "I like it. It's going to take some getting used to, though, having all this space!" She laughed, took a second drink, and gave the bottle back. "What about you?"

"I definitely like it as well," he agreed. "And once we get everything unpacked and in place I think we're really going to like it here."


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