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SD241810.03 | Crewman T'Kanek | Medical Technican - "Tripping the Alarm"

Posted on Wed Oct 3rd, 2018 @ 12:31pm by Captain Enfield Carta

Mission: Once More Unto The Horizon
Location: Medical Lab, Deck 21

It had only been a few hours, since he had successfully managed to bypass the security systems on the Waste Management System and backdoor his way into the nacelles control system, allowing him to create a warp stall, dropping the ship out of warp. An unexpected, but happy co-incidence for him, was that the safety systems had also knocked out the ships Impulse Engines. The starship, only fresh out of space dock, had secretly sabotaged within less than 4 days.

He rubbed the tips his faux Vulcan ears again. The crew of the Bismarck had gotten to know him as 'Crewman T'Kanek'. A transfer from the Vulcan Medical Directorate. So far, his pale complexion and calm 'logical' demeanour seemed to be paying off. He had managed to secure use of this lab, by convincing the Assistant Medical Officer that piece and quiet would allow him to complete his genetic testing experiments in silence. In reality, this free time would allow him to encode stolen data into vials of his own blood. Eventually these vials would be transferred off the ship and back to Starbase Horizon, where another operative would intercept them before they reached their final destination.

Reaching into a satchel that he had previously stashed in a cupboard below his terminal, he pulled out a small puck shaped device. He placed it down atop of the LCARs terminal he had been using, the backlit panel flickered a number of times as a forced connection between the two was created. He twisted the puck about 30 degrees to the right, the panel below reacting to the information being received.

"Alright, a little more to the right and we'll find the right frequency." He was accessing the communications system and the device was allowing him to encrypt a transmission, the haptic feedback in the puck confirmed that he had found the correct frequency. The panel below flashed up a visual of static, a faint image of his contact appearing behind it.

"I did. Katan, do you read? I did it! They'll never make it in time... you'll be unopposed." There was little respond other than a garabled message. T'Kanek continued turning the puck, trying to tune the frequency finer and finer. The intercom chirped startling him, his reflexes jump twisted the puck a little too far, cutting the transmission off entirely. Tapping the console in panic, a careless approach would be his down fall. He tripped a security protocol, the panel he had previously been using locked down in an instance, a red 'TERMINAL LOCKOUT' appearing in large letters across it.

In a hurry, he lifted the puck of the terminal and exited into the main corridor. I need to find somewhere to hang low for a few days, he thought it himself.


Crewman T'Kanek
Medical Technican
USS Bismarck

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