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SD241810.05 | CO & DTac | 'Yellow Alert'

Posted on Tue Oct 23rd, 2018 @ 10:40pm by Captain Enfield Carta & Lieutenant Trey

Mission: Once More Unto The Horizon
Location: Bridge, Deck 1


Having finished up his conversation with the Chief Engineer, Carta stepped out onto the bridge from his Ready Room. He noticed the Helmsman following through on his order to resume their previous heading, he was awaiting further confirmation that the Impulse engines where back up to full power.

Walking towards the centre chair, he stepped up onto the raised command level and casually pointed up towards the young lieutenant assigned to Tactical. "You're Lieutenant Trey, correct? Isn't this your first duty shift since coming board? Welcome." Carta turned back to look towards the view screen, before settling down into the Command chair. Sitting still is driving me crazy, he thought to himself.

"Thank you, Captain.' Trey replied, looking up momentarily from his display. "And yes sir. Thanks for having me aboard." he smiled. Trey scratched absentmindedly at his eye, a quirk he had for years now.

Carta had been resistant to allowing a former Borg Drone onto the Ship, but reviewing the Lieutenants service record had convinced him to set his bias to one side and give the Lieutenant a chance. “Lieutenant, We’re a bit of a sitting duck right now. Begin running tactical sweeps.” He paused glancing back up to the Tactical console, “Keep an eye out for any potential threats, and keep out defensive and offensive systems on hot standby”

"Aye sir." Trey said, fingers dancng over his LCARS display. "Tactical sweeps running. Will advise." He said. The wait wasnt long. "Captain, reading two bogeys on sensors." he said. "Flanking course but too far out to make a positive ID. Will keep posted."

Carta nodded in response, pulling up the tactical information on his own panel. "Analyse that energy signal, it's appears to me that we are picking up the energy seepage of cloaked vessels. See what you can do to identify what type of device that might be."

Enfield leaned forward, placing his elbows on his knees, he made a noise that indicated he was pondering what action to take. "Helm, start scanning for local planetoids, nebula, asteroid fields... anything that we might be able to use as cover."

"Working on ID Captain." Trey said. Doing my best, I'm no seven of nine he flashed a small grin to himself. He attuned his sensors as instructed. "Captain. Reading residual neutrinos. Readings appear to be consistent with Klingon tech according to my information."

"Sir, I have been unable to located any suitable cover, I'm afraid we are going to be out in the open." The helm officer spun in the chair to address the rest of the Bridge.

Carta shook his head from side to side, reviewing the information flowing into the panel on his chair. He grimaced, "Tactical, take us to Yellow Alert. Put the sensor reading up on screen. Any suggestions on a course of action?" He continued to review the information being fed to him, "These I.D signatures don't look right, they appear to be the old style beacons."

As tactical took the ship to Yellow Alert, the computer announced clearly.

=/\= Yellow Alert - All Officers Report to Duty Stations =/\=

With that, the duty shift throughout the ship moved from wherever their task had them, to their duty positions.

Captain Enfield Carta
CO, Bismarck

Lt. Trey
DTac, Bismarck


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